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"If you work hard,
you can progress."
Amy's perspective
on opportunity

Application process

So what’s the process for getting a job in a BP store? Well, first there needs to be a vacancy. To find all of our current vacancies, visit the Search and apply page on this site. Unfortunately, we can’t accept speculative applications or CVs – even if we do admire your initiative!


For customer service assistant roles, you’ll simply need to submit your CV and answer a few multiple choice questions (legal stuff, nothing to worry about). There are no tests and no exam style questions , we want to recruit you based on who you are, not what you have done previously or understand about retail, we can teach you that.


Once we’ve received your application and CV, we’ll review them carefully.

As much as we’d like to, we can’t provide feedback on any online tests you take, as that part of the application is run by an automated system.

If it’s a ‘no’ at this stage…

If we decide not to progress your application for the role you’re interested in, we’re more than happy for you to apply for another. So if you find something you like, go for it! Just remember that you’ll need to wait six months, as that’s how long it takes before our super recruitment robot can process your records again.

If it’s a ‘yes’ at this stage…

If we think you’d be a good fit, we’ll give you a call to find out more about what makes you tick. We’ll then follow this up with a face-to-face interview, so we can both learn more about each other.

Also, if you’re applying for a management role, your interview will take place in two stages. This will include a store visit so you can see first-hand how our stores operate.

Good luck – hopefully we'll be welcoming you to the team soon!

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